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Suitable for meetings, presentations, offsites, get-togethers, video calls, workshops and seminars with food package options.

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From Aldesko to Alfresco

Do more of what makes you happy. Work from hospo as a balance to the home and office.


‘A healthy alternative to working from home?’

An investigation into the rising trend of using hospitality venues as workspaces by Swinburne University.


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Comfortable seating, WiFi, power points, courtyards, rooftops, guestrooms, the lobby, poolside or even that cosy space by the fireplace.

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With locations in cities, suburbs and regional. You're welcome to work from anywhere, everywhere.

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Find a meeting room in Melbourne to suit your team’s size and requirements. From team meetings to planning sessions, conferences to seminars, professional development sessions to strategy meetings, our rooms are ideal for corporate meetings of all types.

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Our Community Ambassadors are a global network of specialists, experts, thought leaders and innovators, who have a vested interest in revitalising the hospitality industry, while supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the workforce and community.


"As a leadership team we decided that it is easier and more fun to meet once a week in an offsite venue that also supports our amazing industry. So every Tuesday from 10am-2pm we meet in a pub that has Wi-Fi and some space to spread out and we anchor the meeting with a good pub meal. The online marketplace Third Place makes it easy for us to choose and book a venue that has everything we need to meet and connect as a team.”

Jeremy Goodale, General Manager, Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM)