Information about Third Place



We are a marketplace to find and book inspiring hospitality spaces to work remotely.  

We are enabling millions of remote workers to get back into hospitality venues to eat, drink and reconnect with colleagues, culture and community. Our purpose is to revitalise the hospitality industry and support the mental health and wellbeing of the corporate workforce by embracing the fast growing remote work economy as the future of work


  • Revitalise the hospitality industry hit hard by the pandemic, by driving corporate spend and professional workers into hospo venues to eat, drink and work remotely.

  • Provide corporate partners with a ‘work from anywhere’ platform for their employees to access and book productive spaces to work remotely as part of their remote or hybrid strategy.

  • Support the mental health and well-being of employees by providing access to inspiring, convenient and collaborative spaces to work remotely as a balance between working from home and the office.